The Joke Collector’s Notebook

Heard a funny one-liner in the playground?

Found some hilarious jokes online?

Jot them all down in The Joke Collector’s Notebook, complete with 100 illustrated jokes, fun challenges, and handy tips on finding and telling jokes.

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Editorial Review:

The Joke Collector’s Notebook is the perfect companion to You’re Joking, as it is the ideal place to write all of the jokes that you collect to add to your repertoire. This is not just a blank notebook though. Tom has added some chapter headings, like ‘Delivery Tips’ and ‘Knock-knock Jokes,’ but he has also left chapter titles blank so that you can add your own. Throughout the book there are plenty of blank pages, some with jokes or challenges on them that could inspire you. The challenges encourage you to try new things, like finding a joke that your teacher might enjoy and testing it out on them. This is such a cool book that I know so many kids would love.

Zac McCallum – bestfriendsarebooks.com